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Our school needed your help and you came through in a big way! Because of all our amazing donors, Elm Street students have the playground of their dreams. 












Total Raised:  $43,397







Every donation brought us closer to our goal.


$2000 or More

Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis

Coweta-Fayette EMC Operation Round Up  


$500 or More

Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority

Michelle and Cliff Smith

Thompson Homes Construction/Thompson Family

Avery Park Community Association

Caleb and Melissa Kammerer

Melinda and Ellis Mansour

Emily and Alan Dean

Martin and Rhonda Pate - through Art auction

The Springfield Family

Fourth Quarter Properties on behalf of Reed and Parker Roberts

The Rine Family

Cornerstone Associates (Tommy Sweet)

The Waters Family

Higgins and Smith

Robbie and Carol Cantrell

Lee-King Pharmacy (Bobby Lee)

United Community Bank 


$100 or More

Brad and Alicia Bohannon

Nathan and Courtenay Lee

Brian and Carrie Wallace

Bill and Tracy Behm

Angela and Paul Lewis

Linda and Alan Miller

Clay and Christi Hildebrand

Charles and Judy Marsella

Henry and Francis Smith

Lori Drake

The Brewbaker Family

The English Family

Mark and Smith Pass – In Memory of Miss Martha Newsom

Stephan and Jennifer Leebern

The Magnus Family

Melissa Parrott

Maynard and Mary Harris

Jimmy Whitlock

Elaine and Carl Carroll, Jr.

Danny and Tabitha Magnus

The Zeumer Family

The Snyder Family

Julie and Kevin Daniell

Brian H. Turner

Darlene Turner Harper

Lori and John Harris

Lisa Buchanan

Jay and Amy Boren

Amy Lott

Ansley Campbell

Carrie Smith

Myra J. Jordan

The Kilby Family

The Fabre Family

Reid and Michele Meyer

Dana and Kristi Johnson

The Burg Family

Four Corners Church

Don and Betsy Conoly

Alice and Robin Miller

J.K. Boatwright & Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Sears, Jr.

The Anderson Family

Cassie Copeland

Jeffrey and Ami Elder

Tom Freeman, Lighthouse Counseling


PTO Donation:  $17,000 (from annual fundraisers)


Elm Street Donation: $1,500 (from Mother-Son/Father-Daughter Dances)





Here is a site rendering of our planned playground.

Color scheme was personalized for our school.

Korkat (Carrollton, Georgia) was our planned vendor.




 Commit to the E!



Playground Pledge Success- THANK YOU!


Here is a look at how it all began - our Video Update Debut during 2013-2104






 2 Parent Resource Flyer



2018-2019 School Improvement Plan





2019-2020 Student Accident Insurance- English

2019-2020 Student Accident Insurance- Spanish




2019-2020 Title I School-Parent Compacts for Elm Street

Kindergarten Kindergarten- Spanish
1st Grade 1st Grade- Spanish
2nd Grade 2nd Grade- Spanish
3rd Grade 3rd Grade- Spanish
4th Grade 4th grade Spanish
5th Grade 5th grade Spanish

The School-Parent Compacts are an important part of our Title I program.

All students must have a completed, signed compact on file at school.


Title I Parent Involvement Policy for Elm Street 

2019-2020 Elm Street Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Política de Participación de Padres 2019-2020

You may also wish to review the 2019-2020 CCSS District Parent Involvement Policy (Spanish version).


Parent Resource Center - located near Atkinson Elementary School on Nimmons Street 

Parent Resource Flyer (English)

Parent Resource Flyer (Spanish)


2019-2020 Right to Know (Spanish)

Coweta County Complaint Procedure (Spanish)

Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Corruption Policies & Procedures

Intradistrict Transfer Letter (Spanish)

Curriculum Transparency